Politicians are taking away our ability to speak out when developers damage and gentrify our neighborhoods.

A series of recently passed laws allow developers to build multi-story, multi-unit buildings right next door to single-family homes and deny our ability to fight back. We are a coalition of thousands of California neighborhood leaders creating a ballot initiative that would bring back our ability to speak out about what happens in our own neighborhoods. 

Stop the Blank Check to Developers!

Instead of actually working to create new housing without traffic gridlock, sprawl and environmental damage — Sacramento politicians handed a blank check to developers to build what they want, where they want, without contributing to new transit, schools, or roads — and without our ability to speak out.

After accepting tens of millions of dollars in contributions from for-profit developers, Sacramento politicians passed SB 9 and SB 10 — two damaging laws that essentially tell us to ‘sit down and shut up’ about what is happening right next door to our homes while developers demolish single-family homes and build multi-story, multi-unit projects.

We will not sit down — and we are speaking out! We are standing up to overturn these damaging laws by passing a statewide initiative that restores our neighborhood voice and sanity to our planning process. We can’t turn our local planning over to developers — the result will be gentrification, displacement, traffic gridlock, environmental damage, higher taxes and sprawl.

It Isn’t Affordable Housing!
It’s Massive Profits for Developers.

The politicians say they took away our neighborhood voice because we need to lower the cost of housing. But their two bills create NO new affordable housing.

There are ZERO requirements to build new affordable housing. The developers will make billions and the facts show that these two state laws will create massive displacement — forcing working families out of their own communities.


We Can Have New Housing Without Even More Traffic Gridlock.

There are proven ways to create new housing without gridlock and sprawl. We can build new housing near rapid transit, we can create more housing in our downtown areas next to jobs, we can reduce the red tape that increases the cost of housing, we can create affordable backyard cottages that keep our parents and kids in our communities while preserving the scale and character of our neighborhoods.

There are solutions — but the politicians gave their developer donors the ability to build market-rate, multi-story projects in every neighborhood and took away our ability to speak out about projects that are being built literally right next door to us.

The Developers Make Billions – We Pay the Bill.

What is so dangerous about the giveaway to developers is not just that it will take away our neighborhood voice—it will leave every California family with a significant new bill.

The two laws passed by Sacramento do not require developers to contribute one new cent to roads, transit, schools, parks, police and fire protection, new water sources or any other service.

They profit — we pay!

That’s just one of the reasons neighbors from every corner of California are joining us and fighting back.

Woman paying bills

Join us as we stand up, fight back & win!

The politicians and developers have had their say.

Now it is our turn! We will be working to give every California voter the chance to speak out about what is happening in their own neighborhoods. Our measure takes away the blank check to developers and restores a process that allows neighborhoods to be heard.

We will bring back balance, so our towns and cities don’t get stuck with massive bills. And we will tell the politicians — we need real solutions to our housing problems, not a blank check to developers and bills that silence our neighborhood voices. 


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