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15 Lawsuits Against California Cities and Counting

You may have heard that the Governor and the Attorney General recently announced a lawsuit against Huntington Beach for simply exercising their right to speak out about land use decisions and the future of their community. And this follows another twelve lawsuits against a dozen Bay Area cities by developer-backed groups. Is your city on the list?

15 Cities Facing Lawsuits Over their Housing Element:

  1. Belvedere
  2. Burlingame
  3. Cupertino
  4. Daly City
  5. Elk Grove
  6. Fairfax
  7. Huntington Beach
  8. Martinez
  9. Novato
  10. Palo Alto
  11. Pinole
  12. Pleasant Hill
  13. Richmond
  14. Santa Clara County
  15. Sausalito

If your city isn’t on this list – it soon could be… unless we organize and fight back.

California cities – and ultimately taxpayers – shouldn’t be threatened with lawsuits just because they want some control over the direction of their own neighborhoods. We all know that our state needs more affordable housing, but developers should work with communities and their local elected officials to build housing where it makes sense.

Tens of thousands of Californians have joined our movement – but we need your support more than ever. With your help we can restore our right to speak out about the direction of our neighborhoods and work towards housing solutions that serve our communities – not just developer interests.

Join our movement today and help us fight to restore our neighborhood voice with statewide ballot initiative in 2024.


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