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We believe that we all deserve to have a say about the future of our communities – but Sacramento politicians and their for-profit developer friends want you to SHUT UP and hand over a blank check to let them build whatever they want, wherever they want – even if it means destroying our neighborhoods in the process. Well, Sacramento might not hear you – but WE do. We think communities have the democratic right to SPEAK OUT about what gets built in their neighborhoods. If you agree, join us and help us restore our neighborhood voice in community planning.

All over California, for-profit developers have been given free reign from Sacramento to bulldoze single-family homes and put up massive multi-story, multi-unit buildings in their place. Meanwhile, neither you, nor your local elected officials have the power to do anything about it.  It get’s even worse. When cities don’t comply with these one-size-fits-all mandates, they face lawsuits from the highest levels of state government.  We don’t believe that cities – and ultimately tax payers – should be punished for simply trying to speak out about the direction of their community. Tens of thousands of community leaders, state and local elected officials and neighbors agree and have joined our fight to defend our neighborhood voice.  Add your name today and join our fight for the future of our neighborhoods. 

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