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Volunteer Resources

How to Stand Up and Fight Back for Your Neighborhood: Signature Gathering Training Video

Join Us Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. for Online Volunteer Training Sessions:

Signature Gathering Documents

If you have already received petitions from the campaign, or plan to, download these helpful documents to get started:

Fact Sheet


Signature Gathering Guide


Top Funder Sheet


When you have completed petitions, please return them to:

4712 E 2nd Street, #670
Long Beach, CA 90803

Other Resources

Pass a Resolution in Support of the Our Neighborhood Voices initiative!

Our Neighborhood Voices Sample Resolution


If you are a local elected official and would like to have your city or county demonstrate its support by passing a resolution in support of our initiative, a sample resolution is provided here. When your council or board has passed a version of it, please notify us by returning it to

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Download and Print Your Own Signs

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Our Neighborhood Voices Signs signature gathering our neighborhood voices


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Join Your Neighbors
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