New York Times: The ‘Georgists’ Are Out There, and They Want to Tax Your Land

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Amid a crisis in affordable housing, the century-old ideas of Henry George have gained a new currency. By Conor Dougherty When Mayor Mike Duggan talks about his accomplishments in Detroit, the list is both impressive and sad. He had the streetlights turned back on, and reopened closed parks. In the decade since he took office, […]

48 Hills: New laws seek to end private developer risk, burdening public instead

Why should cities and counties guarantee profits for builders and push the costs of growth onto the local taxpayers? This article was originally published in 48 Hills. By Zelda Bronstein Yimbyism famously blames the housing affordability crisis on onerous local land use regulations—above all, zoning for single-family homes. To be clear, I’m using “Yimbyism” as […]

OC Register: State housing lawsuit against Huntington Beach put on pause

This article originally appeared in the Orange County Register. Top state officials took a legal blow in their ongoing lawsuit that accuses Huntington Beach of violating state housing laws, when a Superior Court judge halted their suit until a related federal case is decided. A state Superior Court judge ruled Friday, Nov. 3, that the lawsuit file […]

Mercury News: Elias: California’s denser housing ‘solutions’ are failing badly

By: Thomas Elias This article was originally published in the Mercury News. State’s unsheltered population, median home prices have kept rising despite requirements forced on cities Rarely has California seen so concerted and unified a campaign by its elected officials as the drive for housing density conducted by Gov. Gavin Newsom and allied state legislators […]

Mercury News: Opinion: Popular California housing narrative upended by planning expert

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This article was originally published in the Mercury News. By Susan Candell California clearly has a housing affordability crisis. Unfortunately, the response from Sacramento politicians has only made the problem worse. Cities and resident groups are now pushing back, and a recent court filing by one of the country’s leading planning experts confirms their contention that state […]

UCLA Professor and World Planning Expert Explains Why Recent One-Size-Fits-All Housing Laws Won’t Actually Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis

From the study: Urban economics and branches of mainstream economics – what we call the ‘housing as opportunity’ school of thought – have been arguing that shortages of affordable housing in dense agglomerations represent a fundamental barrier to economic development. Housing shortages are considered to limit migration into thriving cities, curtailing their expansion potential, generating […]

Common Dreams: A Lack of Supply Isn’t Causing Our Housing Crisis

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Note from Our Neighborhood Voices: More and more Californians are waking up to the fact that “trickle down housing” has not made all housing more affordable like Sacramento politicians and for-profit developers tried to tell us it would. Now they are telling us that the “solution” to our affordable housing crisis is to destroy local […]